Mr Andrew SymesMBBS BSc MRCS MD(Res) FRCS(Urol)


How do I make an appointment?

You can call my secretary directly, or if you would rather send an email then she will phone you back.

Which private hospital should I be seen in?

In general I offer the same clinical practice between all three of the private hospitals that I work out of. The decision should therefore be down largely to you and the convenience for you and your relatives. There are some operations which can only be carried out in a certain hospital due to availability of instruments such as a laser. For self-pay patients there maybe some differences in costs between the Spire and Nuffield hospitals. Please feel free to discuss this with us.

How long will my appointment be?

My initial consultation is for 30 minutes, and any follow up appointments last 15 minutes. Please be assured that this offers ample time to discuss any clinical matters. On the same visit I may arrange for you to have additional tests, including radiology, and if you are being booked for surgery, a pre-assessment work up for anaesthesia.

Do I need private medical insurance to be seen?

No an increasing number of patients are choosing to fund their own treatment, and are termed 'self-pay'. There are a number of ways to pay for treatment, but generally private hospitals require payment up front.

Are you covered by my insurance company?

Yes, I am recognized by all the major insurance companies as a consultant urological surgeon / urologist.

What if I am funding my own treatment?

If you are considering paying for any investigation or treatment then please contact us and we will be able to give you a quotation. Some operations may come as a 'package' price.

Do I need a referral letter?

The majority of private medical insurance companies will require you to obtain a GP referral letter before authorising a consultation, investigation or treatment. If you are self-funding a referral is not strictly necessary, although I would always encourage you to discuss your condition with your GP first.

Are you fees fully covered?

Yes my fees are usually fully covered by insurers, apart from policy excess. I am fee assured with some of the insurance companies such as BUPA. There are many insurance products on the market and some may not cover the entire fee. It is important you check with your insurer what is covered before proceeding with any treatment.

How is surgery organized?

The decision to operate will often be made together in the outpatient clinic. It is then normal for you to have a quick pre-assessment after clinic, to check your blood tests, blood pressure etc. My secretary will then be in contact with a time, date and any pre-operative instructions for your surgery.

Who will be my anaesthetist?

I only work with experienced consultant anaesthetists, who work alongside me in the NHS, and whom I know well.

If I need an operation how long will I have to wait?

One of the great advantages of private healthcare is the short waiting times and flexibility when it comes to surgery. In general it is usually possible to operate within 2 weeks, although sometimes if specialized equipment is required it may take a little longer.

Do you offer an emergency treatment?

I do not currently offer a 24/7 emergency arrangement. During the working week I am however usually able to see patients urgently, and arrange any necessary investigations and treatments as appropriate. Please contact my secretary if you need to be seen urgently.